Annual Report 2017

VI. Notes to the Cash Flow Statement

The Cash Flow Statement is structured according to cash flows from operating activities, investing activities and financing activities.

28) Cash Flow from Operating Activities

The cash flows from operating activities (net cash) amounted to € 11,409 thousand (2016: € 9,703 thousand) in the past financial year. This includes cash from operating activities amounting to € 14,273 thousand (2016: € 12,211 thousand) as well as interest and income tax received and paid amounting to € -2,864 thousand (2016: € -2,508 thousand). The change in working capital in 2017 resulted in a negative cash flow contribution overall.

29) Cash Flow from Investing Activities

The cash flows from investing activities comprise cash payments for investments in property, plant and equipment amounting to € 10,904 thousand (2016: € 1,526 thousand) and for investments in intangible assets of € 567 thousand (2016: € 116 thousand).

Furthermore, the first profit share amounting to € 248 thousand was distributed to the remaining minority shareholder in the year under review. In the context of the acquisition of GWK Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH, an entitlement of the remaining minority shareholder to distribution of a profit share in the amount of € 497 thousand was assumed.

30) Cash Flow from Financing Activities

Repayments amounting to € 5,068 thousand (2016: € 5,953 thousand) on short-term and long-term loans were made during the year under review. In addition the amount of € 3,799 thousand (2016: € 3,136 thousand) was distributed to shareholders.

31) Cash and Cash Equivalents at End of Period

Cash comprises cash on hand and demand deposits. It corresponds to the cash and cash equivalents shown on the Balance Sheet.