Annual Report 2017

Overall statement of the board of management on the future business performance

The technotrans Group continues to progress steadily along its strategic path. The Board of Management will focus its activities on a combination of organic growth and expansion through potential acquisitions.

In the 2018 and 2019 financial years, technotrans will increasingly concentrate on maintaining or steadily improving the performance of the group companies. The Board of Management believes the biggest challenge for 2018 will be presented by the development in the cost of materials, followed by selling prices, personnel recruitment and the delivery capability of upstream suppliers.

Revenue growth and the economies of scale that will result from this, along with a disciplined approach to costs and higher margins from growing technology and service business, should increase the value of the company. In addition, measures to optimise internal processes and group development projects are to continue according to plan or be kicked off.

At the time of preparation of these annual financial statements, the Board of Management expects a positive overall business development for the technotrans Group in the 2018 financial year.


The Group Management Report contains future-related statements. Considerable variation between anticipated developments and actual outcomes is possible due to any aforementioned or other element of uncertainty, or if the assumptions on the basis of which the forecasts are made prove to be incorrect.