Annual Report 2017

Overall statement of the board of management on the risk situtation

For sustainable entrepreneurial success, risks to the company as a going concern must be avoided, while risks deliberately taken must be monitored and actively managed, and optimum use must be made of opportunities.

There is currently no evidence of risks that pose an existential threat either by themselves or in combination with other factors. The group is well positioned. With a manageable risk profile, everything is place for technotrans to maintain its long-term corporate strategic focus and continue growing over the next few years.
No risks which could pose an existential threat to the technotrans Group can be identified; that applies both to our previous economic activity and to activities that we are planning or have already kicked off. The overall risk situation of the group results from the aggregation of all categories for all business units and functions. It has not changed significantly compared with the previous year, and remains moderate and manageable. The Board of Management believes that the group is moreover excellently positioned to extend its market position and achieve global growth in the medium term, too.