Annual Report 2017

Overall statement of the Board of Management on the net worth, financial position and financial performance of the group

In summary, the Board of Management assesses the net worth, financial position and financial performance of both technotrans AG and the group for the 2017 financial year as very healthy. Consolidated revenue was taken to a new record level and the EBIT margin of 8.5 percent reached its highest level since the 2007 financial year. The good overall market conditions along with steady improvements in the relevant business units helped the group expand successfully into new growth-oriented markets.

The group management identifies the asset structure and high group equity ratio as providing a sound basis for the financing of further growth. In addition, its operations were profitable and operating cash flow/free cash flow showed an improvement.

The broad customer base, the large number of new product launches in the pipeline and the product portfolio’s greater emphasis on new growth markets are a healthy basis for the positive business progress to continue.

All in all, the technotrans Group has the necessary financial foundations for realising further technological development as well as enabling the group to realise the planned growth in revenue and earnings. The Board of Management is therefore determined to pursue the technotrans growth story and the medium and long-term goals.

The Board of Management and Supervisory Board will propose to the Annual General Meeting in May 2018 that a dividend of € 0.88 per no par value share be distributed for the 2017 financial year.