Annual Report 2017

Group structure

Organisational and Legal Corporate Structure

The technotransGroup is an international technology and service company that concentrates on customer-specific applications in the field of liquid technology. The parent company technotrans AG, with its registered office in Sassenberg (Westphalia), directly or indirectly has a majority interest in 21 subsidiaries.

The group’s structure is designed so that all companies can make a contribution towards strengthening the worldwide market position of the group.

With a total of 1,329 employees (December 31, 2017) at 19 locations as well as a large number of partnerships, the technotrans Group has a presence in all important markets worldwide.

The group’s activities comprise on the one hand the production plants and on the other hand the sales and service companies. The production plants specialise by business segment and product line.
The technotrans sales and service companies are responsible for direct sales and service of our products. As a supplementary measure our Key Account Management supports major international customers.

The technotrans Group does not have financial holdings. An overview of the ownership structure within the group is presented in the Notes, under “Consolidated Companies”.

To boost technotrans group (taicang) co. ltd., Taicang, China, both the business operations of KLH Cooling International Pte. Ltd, Singapore and the business operations of GWK Heating and Cooling Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. were taken over in the 2017 financial year and a capital increase of € 0.8 million was carried out.

In October 2017, EasyBrowse GmbH, Schwerin, was merged with Ovidius GmbH, Berlin. In addition, two new companies were established in the financial year. technotrans Grundstücksverwaltungs GmbH, Sassenberg, will be erecting the new business premises for Termotek GmbH at its Baden-Baden location in the 2018 financial year. With effect from January 1, 2018 technotrans japan K.K., Kobe, Japan, took over the business operations of the permanent establishment of technotrans Asia Pacific limited, Hong Kong, which has previously been situated in Japan.